The collective was founded in 2013 by Cristina Ferrández and David Herguedas. Its work is centered in developing audiovisual projects that link diverse aspects of creation: from video art, photography, land art and interactive processes framed by site specific art projects, to expanded events like performative arts combining new technologies with social and environmental concerns that give value to the territory and the way we relate to and inhabite landscapes.

Their last artistic activity has been the exhibition project INSTANTE ENTROPÍA, at the Barjola Museum of Gijón (North Spain) in 2015. The project encompasses an interactive installation and the use of industrial materials from the land, video and photography.

In 2014 the collective have been taking part at The White Night Art Festival 2014 of Oviedo, Spain with an Interactive Audiovisual show in public open space, organized by the Culture Foundation of Oviedo Council; the PHOTOALICANTE 2014 Festival with a photography/video exhibition and an audiovisual interactive installation in the public space; Also in 2014, they developped the project PANGEA/PANTALASSA, a multidisciplinary project at ATM Contemporary Art Gallery, Gijón, Spain.

In 2013 they took part in AURUM Project, organized by the platform ORO NO (No gold) (cultural association to avoid evironmental damage from gold mining in the area) with the ephemeral work World Disintegration, Asturias region, Spain.